Congrats Rabbi Aaron Leibtag - 2016 Educator of the Year

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Over the past six years, Rabbi Leibtag has earned a reputation as an expert teacher of gemara, halacha and Jewish thought in the 7th and 8th grades.  In his role as advisor, Rabbi Leibtag mentors and serves as a role model to 8th grade boys.  

Through special mishmars, kumzitzes and lunch-and-learns, Rabbi Leibtag provides many out of class opportunities for kids to connect with Torah and become inspired. Through his work both in and out of the classroom, he continues to educate and inspire hundreds of students, families and staff members at Hillel Torah and serve as a role model to all.

Kol Hakavod on this well deserved honor to be awarded at the 87th ATT Gala. We are also proud to honor Rabbi Leibtag at our 2017 Ray Stein Memorial Scholarship Dinner on Feb 12.

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