Middle School Grades 5-8

DSC 7578-0003George and Barbara Hanus Middle School

As Our Middle school students progress from  the concrete to the abstract, they move from self-contained classes and classrooms to a departmental setting with multiple teachers and innovative schedules to meet each student’s learning needs and potentials.

Building on the formative years of learning in our Primary school, our Middle school is dedicated to offering our students a stimulating program which fosters growth through an extensive Secular and Judaic educational program, preparing them for the rigors of High School. Our approach is student focused, as we understand that each child has unique talents and interests that need nurturing and support. Our students are provided with an array of opportunities to acquire knowledge and technological skills, while they learn to think independently and work collaboratively. Through ongoing informal and formal sessions, our teachers differentiate the curriculum for the students, and our Special Services Department works with students on an individual basis to provide support and enrichment opportunities.

In addition to our school’s commitment to academic excellence, Hillel Torah is devoted to encouraging students to recognize the importance of Middot Tovot and being B’nai Torah.

Our goals for these grades include:

  • Building a solid foundation in the core academic subjects of, science, math, writing, literature, and social studies to prepare them for high school and beyond.
  • Fostering an atmosphere of respect, sharing and caring for one another in the true spirit of  V’ Ahavta L’Re’acha Kamocha.
  • Teaching the importance of responsibility, follow-through, and problem-solving.
  • Introducing greater sophistication in the use of technology as part of the learning process.
  • Emphasising character education and middot development.


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