Art and Music

hille-torah-admissionsThe Hillel Torah Cultural Arts Curriculum is a combination Visual Arts lessons and art making activities spread along a year-long program geared towards the Elements and Principles of Design.

In addition to Visual Arts projects, students participate in Music Appreciation activities. The goals of the curriculum are to teach and reinforce the basic building blocks of art and design drawing upon a variety of tools including art history, hands-on activity, and group discussion. Students use a variety of materials and art-making methods, learn essential art vocabulary, and incorporate their art learning into their general education curriculum.

The Art Room is home to a lot of visual information which is used both during class and as informative decoration.  From looking around the room, students can discover when Pablo Picasso worked with Cubism, as well as the Elements of Art he used to create his paintings.  The room also features two gallery displays that change throughout the year and highlight various projects created in class.

DSC 8753-0000In addition to the Art Room, you can find examples of Hillel Torah art throughout the school.  Student work is constantly displayed on both the walls and the gallery space near the front office.  You can also find additional information on the Cultural Arts webpage located through Hillel Torah’s website,

In addition, we are proud of our artists who have participated in the Student Outstanding Artist Recognition (SOAR) art exhibition, sponsored by the Village of Skokie Fine Arts Commission. Their masterpieces were displayed at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts.

Upcoming Events


28: 3rd Gr Chicago Fair from 7:00-8:00 pm at HT


245th Gr Yom Hashoa Program from 9:00-10:30 am at HT

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