2017 Network Sponsors' Guide

Thank You for Joining Us at Our Milton & Ruthel Weiss Memorial Golf Outing

   2017 ThankYouSponsors1

HillelTorahGolf-A08  HillelTorahGolf-D043

HillelTorahGolf-C010  HillelTorahGolf-C045

HillelTorahGolf-D075  HillelTorahGolf-D078

HillelTorahGolf-C087  HillelTorahGolf-D068

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Upcoming Events


20: PN-8 Parent Teacher Conferences (Night 2) from 5:30-9:00 pm at HT

22-24: Thanksgiving Break - No Sessions

29: 3A GS Open Classroom from 8:20-9:30 am at HT

30: 3B GS Open Classroom from 8:20-9:30 am at HT


7: K Chanukah Workshop from 8:20-9:30 am at HT

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