Bnei/Bnot Mitzvah

Bnei/Bnot Mitzvah Program

Our Bnei/Bnot Mitzvah Program is a 7th grade coming-of-age, interdisciplinary, cross curricular initiative which encompasses many areas of learning, Torah study, writing, research, technology, arts, and hands-on experiences.


In their Judaic Studies, the students learn and discuss various aspects of becoming Bar and Bat Mitzvah and the rights and responsibilities this new status entails. They will research the meaning of their Hebrew name, and its Jewish origin and significance. They research role models in Jewish history, the Jewish State and in their own family.

In their Language Arts classes, the students learn and use interviewing skills and apply their expository and biographical writing skills as they explore their family roots.

In their art classes, they create an expression of their personality and future aspirations.

The Bnei and Bnot Mitzvah engage in Chesed projects throughout the year as part of this coming of age program.

Another important component is the focus on building our community. We start with activities and learning that explore personal responsibility and promote communal responsibility, respect to others, acceptance of others, collaboration and group work, as well as social activism and community service education.

As part of this program, various events are planned:

•    Mother and Daughter …Women and Mitzvot Night
•    Father and Son…Tefillin Night
•    A trip to visit key sites in Jewish Chicago including agencies that provide Jewish services (CRC), community services (CJE) and kosher services (safrut, shaatnez)
•    A culminating event celebrating the completion of the program that include:

  • The presentation of the student’s research
  • The presentation of the student’s talents to family, friends and community

Upcoming Events


12: 7th Gr Girls Bnot Mitzvah Leil Limud at 6:45 pm at HT

16-19: Presidents' Day Weekend - No Sessions

19: PTA Winter Social at 1:15 pm at Weber Park Place

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