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The Krakow Torah Restoration Project:

A Historic Sefer Torah Campaign in support of Holocaust education, connecting the past, present, and future, מדור לדור

Join Laurie and Bernard Hasten in restoring this beautiful, precious Sefer Torah that was rescued from the Holocaust, and be an integral part of supporting Holocaust education at Hillel Torah for many years to come.

This 100-year-old Torah was written in Krakow, Poland around 1921. In the midst of the Holocaust, in 1940, the Torah was rescued from Krakow and brought to San Francisco, CA where it was housed in a Jewish day school and used by Jewish students. After years of storage and underuse, the Torah is now in need of significant repair. Our dear Hillel Torah grandparents, Laurie and Bernard Hasten, whose connections to Krakow hold significance, are restoring the Krakow Torah with the express goal that it will once again be used by Jewish students.

We are privileged and honored that the Hastens have chosen to house the Krakow Torah at Hillel Torah. Our students will learn from the Torah year after year, and feel a direct connection to those who perished in the Holocaust and those who survived.

Longtime leaders of the school, the Hastens embarked on this project in honor of their dear parents, Simona & Hart Hasten and Linda & Murray Laulicht, whose lives have been dedicated to Jewish leadership and Holocaust remembrance.  This project, the proceeds of which will fund Holocaust programming and education at Hillel Torah in perpetuity, will honor their commitment and help connect the past, present, and future, מדור לדור.

Laurie and Bernard firmly believe in the need for a robust Holocaust education program at Hillel Torah. Laurie co-coordinates the Hillel Torah Names Not Numbers Holocaust Education program and is a docent at the Illinois Holocaust Museum. Join them in supporting Holocaust education here at Hillel Torah and be a part of something lasting.

All proceeds from the campaign will benefit Hillel Torah Holocaust education in perpetuity.

The Krakow Torah Restoration Project has been generously underwritten by Laurie and Bernard Hasten.

Krakow Torah

Restoring the Krakow Torah

Sefarim ספרים

  • Genesis  בראשית
  • Exodus  שמות
  • Leviticus  ויקרא Linda & Murray Laulicht
  • Numbers  במדבר
  • Deuteronomy  דברים

Aseret Hadibrot  עשרת הדברות

Simona & Hart Hasten

Seryl and Charles Kushner

Sefer Torah Breastplate

Sefer Torah Rimonim

Major Events

  • In the beginning, G-d created the heavens and the earth
    בראשית ברא אלוקים את השמיים ואת הארץ
  • Hear O Israel the Lord is our G-d, the Lord is one
    שמע ישראל ה׳ אלוקינו ה׳ אחד
  • The Children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath
    ושמרו בני ישראל את השבת
  • On this very day I brought your hosts out of the land of Egypt
    כי בעצם היום הזה הוצאתי את-צבאותיכם מארץ מצרים
  • And the children of Israel went into the midst of the sea upon the dry ground;
    and the waters were a wall unto them on their right and on their left
    ויבאו בני-ישראל בתוך הים ביבשה; והמים להם חומה מימינם ומשמאלם
  • Let them make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them.
    ועשו לי מקדש; ושכנתי בתוכם

Key Pesukim

  • G-d blessed the seventh day and sanctified it.
    ויברך אלוקים את יום השביעי ויקדש אותו

Rifka and Daniel Weiss

  • May G-d make you as Ephraim and Menashe
    ישימך אלוקים כאפרים ומנשה

Edy & Jacob Kupietzky

  • How goodly are your tents O Jacob
    מה טובו אוהליך יעקב
  • And the heaven and the earth were finished, and all the host of them
    ויכלו השמים והארץ וכל-צבאם
  • And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you, and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing
    ואעשך לגוי גדול, ואברכך, ואגדלה שמך והיה ברכה
  • For all the land which you see, to you I shall give it, and to your children forever כי את כל הארץ אשר אתה ראה, לך אתננה, ולזרעך עד עולם
  • And you shall tell your children on that day
    והגדת לבנך, ביום ההוא

Erica & Zev Dlott, Michelle & Joseph Hasten, Samantha & Yoni Jonas, Hannah & Barak Rosner

  • And it shall be for a sign for you upon your hand, and for a memorial between your eyes, that Hashem’s Torah shall be in your mouth
    והיה לך לאות על ידך, ולזכרון בין עיניך, למען תהיה תורת ה’ בפיך

Parshiot פרשיות

  • Bereishit בראשית Judy and Norman Litz
  • Noach נח
  • Lech Licha לך לך
  • Vayera וירא
  • Chayei Sarah חיי שרה Aviva and Josh Hassan
  • Toldot תולדות
  • Vayetzei ויצא Amy Spar and Howard Rosenburg
  • Vayishlach וישלח
  • Vayeshev וישב
  • Miketz מקץ
  • Vayigash ויגש
  • Vayechi ויחי
  • Shmot שמות
  • Vaeira וארא
  • Bo בא
  • Bishalach בשלח
  • Yitro יתרו
  • Mishpatim משפטים Orah and Lev Katz

Parshiot פרשיות

  • Terumah תרומה
  • Tetzaveh תצוה
  • Ki Tisa כי תשא
  • Vayakhel ויקהל
  • Pekudei פקודי
  • Vayikra ויקרא Devora and Rabbi Menachem Linzer
  • Tzav צו
  • Shemini שמיני
  • Tazria תזריע
  • Metzora מצורע
  • Acharei Mot אחרי מות
  • Kedoshim קדושים
  • Emor אמור
  • Behar בהר
  • Bechukotai בחוקתי
  • Bamidbar במדבר
  • Naso נשא
  • Behaalotcha בהעלותך

Parshiot פרשיות

  • Shelach שלח Shellie and Eric Davis
  • Korach קרח
  • Chukat חקת
  • Balak בלק
  • Pinchas פנחס
  • Matot מטות
  • Masei מסעי
  • Devarim דברים
  • V’etchanan ואתחנן
  • Eikev עקב
  • Re’eh ראה
  • Shoftim שופטים
  • Ki Teitzei כי תצא Naomi and Jeremy Fogel
  • Ki Tavo כי תבוא Nora and Matthew Koenig
  • Nitzavim נצבים
  • Vayeilech וילך
  • Ha’azinu האזינו
  • V’zot Habracha וזאת הברכה

Yad יד

Maftir מפטיר

Yehudit and Aaron Gavant

Jaime and Larry Leonard

Judy Leapman

Judy and Albert Milstein

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Rosenfeld

Aliyot עליות

Pesukim פסוקים



All proceeds from the campaign will benefit Hillel Torah Holocaust education in perpetuity.

Holocaust Education at Hillel Torah

We have a robust and full Holocaust education program at Hillel Torah with events and studies at key points throughout the school year.  The pillar of our Holocaust studies, currently in its 12th year, is the Names, Not Numbers© documentary film project. 

Through the Names, Not Numbers project, each year our 8th grade students meet, get to know, and interview Holocaust survivors. Through these interviews, students are given the unique opportunity to interact with survivors, capture their important testimonies, commit them to film, and ensure their messages will never be forgotten. The Names, Not Numbers curriculum, transforms traditional history lessons into a lively, interactive, experiential program that involves individuals who have actually lived through the history being taught.

While Names, Not Numbers is a project of the 8th grade, Hillel Torah students in every grade benefit from having Holocaust Survivors in the building. All our students, from kindergarten through middle school, know when the Survivors are here being interviewed by the 8th graders, and feel a direct connection to the Survivors, the younger students especially are awed by their presence.

In conjunction with the Names, Not Numbers program, our Holocaust education is thoughtfully integrated into classroom instruction and cross-grade assemblies at appropriate times throughout the school year, including opportunities to hear first-hand accounts from Survivors.

Grades 1-4

  • Discussions led by the classroom teacher to introduce the Holocaust to our youngest students in an age-appropriate manner.

Grades 5-8

  • Kristallnacht Commemoration: A visit and lecture from a Holocaust Survivor and classroom discussions around scapegoating, bystanders and upstanders, and the importance of our own choices and actions during challenging times.
  • Yom Hashoah Commemoration: Each year the 5th grade leads our annual Yom Hashoah Tekes for the middle school. The students tell the story of life in Poland before the war, the atrocities of the Holocaust, and end with the beautiful song and candle lighting ceremony with Hillel Torah grandparents and family members who are Survivors. The students then hear directly from a Survivor who is invited to speak to the middle school. After the Tekes, we continue the day with a recitation of names of those who perished.
  • Each year the 8th grade visits the Illinois Holocaust Museum to further build their knowledge of Holocaust history and in preparation for their Names, Not Numbers interviews.
  • 8th grade students collaborate with 8th graders at Fairview School and help educate their peers, students of all backgrounds, about the Holocaust.


  • In the spring of each year the entire community is invited to view the Names, Not Numbers documentary film created by our 8th grade students.

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