Sixth Graders Participate in JUF’s Partnership Together Program

post by Hillel Torah | Jan 05, 2021

This school year, Hillel Torah Day School is participating in JUF’s  Partnership Together Chicago, Kiryat-gat, Lachish Shafira program of the Jewish Agency for Israel that links communities in the Diaspora with communities in Israel

Through this program, a pilot group of sixth grade students from Hillel Torah, led by Judaic studies teacher Lior Kakon,  will “twin” with sixth grade Israeli students from Even Shmuel, a community located in the Negev.  In this year-long partnership, the students from each community will get to know one another and learn about life in the other’s community. 

Hillel Torah students will speak in Hebrew and Even Shmuel students will speak in English.  Mrs. Kakon has been working closely with teachers from Even Shmuel to build lessons that integrate Hillel Torah’s academic goals of improving Ivrit skills and the cultural goals of a commitment and connection to Medinat Yisrael and learning about Israel on a personal level.  The student meetings will begin in January.

This partnership also aligns with Hillel Torah’s school theme this year of Connect the Dots- מחוברים, providing students with an even stronger connection to Israel.