Connect the Dots – מחוברים

post by Hillel Torah | Oct 22, 2020

This week we kicked off our theme of the year:  Connect the Dots – מחוברים!

After building much anticipation last Friday with a staff polka dot day, Kindergarten through eighth grade gathered for a zoomsembly on Monday. The theme was announced and the students played a school-wide game making connections with each other from classroom to classroom. Then, on Wednesday, every grade participated in a special Connect the Dots activity in the field, involving the use of a drone, the results of which will be revealed soon!

While we are more physically separate from each other this year more than ever we need to be more connected. There are many ways we can connect, without the need to be all in one room at the same time. We will explore these ideas with the students throughout the school year

• Connecting to our community and to the world
• Building friendships
• Connecting to Hashem
• Finding connections between General and Judaic Studies
• Connecting values to actions
• Hashgacha pratit: Connecting the dots in our life

This theme of Connect the Dots will continue to weave through curriculum units, projects, and activities throughout the year as we deepen our understanding and connections to our community and to the world.