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A Note from the Directors of Judaic and General Studies

Welcome to the Primary and Middle Schools, grades 1-8, where the learning and growing really celebrates the uniqueness of these stages providing innovative, stimulating, and diverse learning opportunities addressing the specific educational needs of each student in a warm and nurturing atmosphere.

We pride ourselves on taking full advantage of these developing years to provide our students with the tools, skills, and knowledge that will help them become responsible, capable, and influential young Jewish adults. We plant the seeds early to foster a love of Torah and Israel and a general love of learning. While academic learning is the most tangible thing we provide our students, we view fostering a lifelong love of learning and meeting each child’s social and emotional needs as equally vital.

We encourage our students to continuously develop and grow their 21st-century skills. Through communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking (the 4 C’s of twenty-first century learning) we make learning stimulating and interactive. Utilizing these fundamentals allows our students to become successful learners and team players both in and out of the classroom..

We believe that students who feel supported socially and emotionally are more likely to achieve their academic potential. As such, we are committed to placing equal emphasis on our students academic and social-emotional well-being. In support of this goal, we subscribe to the Responsive Classroom approach, teaching our students how to interact with peers and adults appropriately, resolve conflicts, develop empathy, and learn age-appropriate social skills.

A Hillel Torah graduate will be well prepared to go on to a successful high school career ready to become a Jewish leader of tomorrow. We invite you to come and visit us and experience for yourself all that we have to offer in our Primary and Middle Schools.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hillel Torah!

Rav Natan Brownstein                                     Miriam Kopelow
Director of Judaic Studies                              Director of General Studies

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General Studies

We present a general studies curriculum and use pedagogical practices that prepare our students for later years in their education, and ultimately, college and career. Using curriculum that is aligned to Common Core State Standards and focuses on developing lifelong learning skills in addition to content-specific knowledge, we strive to provide our students with learning that is engaging and will build the foundations of their learning so they may become highly contributive members of our global society.

Judaic Studies

Hillel Torah offers an engaging and dynamic Judaic Studies program which is rooted in Hebrew Language Immersion taught Ivrit B’ Ivrit with a Zionistic approach. Limmudei Kodesh programs begin with Tefillah and engage with Jewish Texts and offer valuable opportunities to learn about and perform daily acts of Middot & Chesed.

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