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Names, Not Numbers©

We are proud of our 8th grade students who interviewed six Holocaust survivors this year as part of the international Names, Not Numbers© film documentary project. Through these interviews, students are given the opportunity to interact with survivors, capture their important testimonies, commit them to film, and ensure their messages will never be forgotten. This year’s survivors included Dr. Benjamin Garber, Dr. Sol Hasson, Mrs. Elaine Klein Lefkowitz, Mr. Steen Metz, Rabbi Joseph Polak, Mrs. Adrienne Spiegel

The 2022 Program was generously sponsored by grandparent Meyer Koplow in honor of his grandchildren Josh, Ally, Kaylee, and Coby.

We feel blessed to be able to give our students this chance to hear such important history straight from the source.

Dedications from Our Society of Patrons

We thank the members of the Society of Patrons for their commitment to the future of Hillel Torah, and for their support of our Names, Not Numbers© program.


Danielle and Lior Geft In memory of the family we never knew but whose sacrifices are appreciated every day.

Linda and Stanley Weissbrot In loving memory of our parents, Fay and Morris Weiss z”l and Riva and Joe Weissbrot z”l. We thank Hillel Torah for promoting the Names, Not Numbers program for its students, thus ensuring the messages of Holocaust Survivors will not be forgotten.


Aviva and Ami Robinson In memory of Doris Goldsmith, of blessed memory.


Vivian and Nathan Bloch In honor of the courageous Israeli Soldiers, past and present, whose heroism allows us to confidently say “Never Again.”

Galia and Shay Felemovicius In memory of the members of the Felemovicius, Schuster and Goldstein families that perished in the Holocaust, and to my grandparents, Elias and Toby Schuster, who survived the Holocaust and were tremendous role models in our lives.

Robbie and Scott Fretzin and Family In honor of Eli and Esther – We are so proud of your hard work and dedication to create this powerful film. We loved hearing your descriptions and your enjoyment of the entire process and we are so excited to see this project’s completion. Yasher koach to the entire eighth grade class, the survivors and the project directors for their devotion to such an important project!

Sima and Jeff Neiger In loving memory of Judith Schwarz, z”l and Jakob Neiger, z”l, and all other survivors who found the strength to carry on the traditions of the past into the future, ensuring the survival of future Jewish generations, despite enduring the horrors of the Shoah.

Adina and David Shyovitz and Family In memory of our family members who perished in the Shoah, and with gratitude to Hillel Torah for this important and inspiring program.

Rifka and Daniel WeissThank you to Laurie and Laurie for all the hard work you have done to make sure the next generation knows the stories of the Holocaust. Mia is so fortunate to have heard what happened first hand from a survivor. You have taught our children to listen, to understand , and to respect the inner and outer strength of those who made it through. They have learned that “never again “ doesn’t just happen… it’s role models like you who take the time to teach about the past in order to make the world better and safer.


Orah and Lev Katz With gratitude to Rabbi Polak for sharing his stories to Aaron, the Hillel Torah 8th grade class, and the next generation.

Tikva and Benjamin Kirschner In memory of Bennie’s grandmother, Belle Weinberg, who survived the Holocaust. Her legacy will forever live on through her many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


Meyer Koplow In honor of my wonderful grandchildren, Josh, Ally, Kaylee and Coby. And to Josh and his classmates for the amazing work they did on this Names, Not Numbers Project to make sure that the message of the Survivors they interviewed will never be forgotten.


Leah and Etan Finkel In memory of all of those who perished in the holocaust and in honor of those who ensure the continuity of everything they lived and died for.

Yehudit and Aaron Gavant In honor of our son, Ami and all his hard work on the Names, Not Numbers project. And in memory of all those who perished.  May their memory always be for a blessing.

Rebecca and Joel Gorenstein In honor of the survivors of the Gorenstein and Kliger families and in memory of those who perished during the Shoah. May their memories be for a blessing.

Nora and Matthew Koenig In honor of Aaron’s graduation and in memory of his great grandparents, Louis and Vera Mayers, who were survivors.

Margo and David Strahlberg In honor of the survivors who have shared their personal stories with the Hillel Torah community: Dr. Benjamin Garber, Dr. Sol Hasson, Mrs. Elaine Klein Lefkowitz, Mr. Steen Metz, Rabbi Joseph Polak, Mrs. Adrienne Spiegel. Thank you to Mrs. Laurie Pinchot for leading this important project and to the amazing filmmakers, especially Jonah Z. Strahlberg!


Sarah Warren and Jason Amrani In memory of Fannie Warren, z”l, and Max Warren, z”l, who survived the Holocaust and of our family members who perished.

The Fogel Family In memory of our relatives who perished during the Holocaust, as well as those who survived.

Alison, Eytan, Eli, Erin and Dylan Fox In loving memory of Mary Cherny, z’l, Max Cherny, z’l, and Dr. Joseph Weinberg, z’l. Their heroism during and after the Shoah will never be forgotten.

Alyssa and Ross Gordon In memory of our beloved sister and aunt, and Hillel Torah student, Shana Block, z”l.

Debbie and Robert Hartman In memory of Sarah and Tibor Hartman.

Jennifer and Jonathan Koplow Wishing a tremendous yasher koach to Josh and the entire 8th grade class on their work to make sure the stories of our survivors, and those we lost, continue to be told and remembered.  May we learn from the stories of our past, stand up against hate, and ensure a better future.

Aviva and Nathan Lichtenstein In tribute to their parents and in memory of the Lichtenstein, Majerowicz, and Goldsmith families who perished in the Shoah.

Devora and Rabbi Menachem Linzer In honor of all of the NNN Survivors, the entire HT graduating class of 5782 – 2022, and in memory of our grandmother, Ruth Linzer’s family (Goldstein) who perished in the Shoah.

Michelle and Joshua Prince In memory of Wanda Rotbart, z”l

Rachael and Dovie MauerIn loving memory of our zeide, Avraham Yishaya Ben Tzvi Hirsch, z”l

Amy and Howard RosenburgIn honor of the Hillel Torah Class of 2022, and in honor of Amy’s grandmother Elaine Lefkowitz, who survived the worst of humanity and perseveres as our role model of the best of humanity. We are so grateful that she was able to share her story with Ben and his classmates.

Jillian and Avi Scheer In memory of Avi’s grandparents, Sheva Leah and Yaakov Meir Scheer, who were survivors.

Sigalle and Joshua Shpayher In memory of those who perished in the Shoah.

Andrea and Jonathan Weiss In honor of Martin Lowenberg, who has taught our family, the   Jewish community and the community at large not only about the atrocities of the Holocaust but has inspired us to be the kindest and most loving people we can be.

Debbie, David, Eli, Mariamme, Daniella, Kayla & Judah Well In memory of Nathan & Jean Burzinski. We hold you close and feel your love every day. Words will never express how much we miss you. We will love you always & forever.

Louise Kirschner Wolinetz Dedicated to Hannah, Joseph, Nathan & Jacob Rothner who are the proof that right won out over unbridled might.

Dedications from Our Community

We appreciate our community’s support of our Names, Not Numbers© program.


Debra and Robert Hartman In honor of Laurie Pinchot.


Judy and Albert Milstein In memory of Ruth and Sam Milstein, z”l.


Michael Cohen In memory of Max and Helen Lewit, z”l.

Lisa and Allan Goldenberg In memory of my father, Martin Korman; my grandparents, Morry and Jean Korman, and Menashe and Molly Rohtbart; and my uncle, Markus Rohtbart and aunt, Shirley Rozenberg, who all survived the Holocaust and established families and a new life in the US.

Michael Nussbaum and Family In memory of our Grandparents a”h, Rabbi Dr. Bernard & Eugenie Hamburger.

Shelley and Ed Stopek In honor of Boaz Stopek.

Susan and Irving Zagorin In honor of Shmuel Zagorin.


Sarah and Ari Bajtner In memory of our grandparents.

Sandy and Steven Cohen (Zayde and Nana) In honor of  Skyler Cohen whose hard work and dedication to this special project makes us proud.

Estee and Avi Hirt In honor of all the work Laurie and Bernard Hasten do for the community.

Regina and Michael Koenig In memory of Louis and Vera Mayers z”l, survivors of the Shoah, & Aaron Koenig’s great grandparents.

Gayle and Ira Kopin We will never forget.

Risha Rosenburg In honor of Ben Rosenburg. How special for him to have interviewed his great grandmother, Gigi.

Shelley and Arthur Spar In honor of the survivors, especially Elaine Lefkowitz, great-grandmother of Benjamin Rosenburg.

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