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Names, Not Numbers©

We are proud of our 8th grade students who interviewed five Holocaust survivors this year as part of the international Names, Not Numbers© film documentary project. Through these interviews, students are given the opportunity to interact with survivors, capture their important testimonies, commit them to film, and ensure their messages will never be forgotten. This year’s survivors included Mr. Ben Goldwater, Mr. Martin Lowenberg, Mrs. Sharon Silver, Mr. Israel Starck, and Mr. Felix Weil.

The 2021 Program was generously sponsored by Beverly and Bruce Marmor & Karen and David Stutz

Our 11th annual screening is available on YouTube.  We feel blessed to be able to give our students this chance to hear such important history straight from the source.

Dedications from Our Society of Patrons

We thank the members of the Society of Patrons for their involvement in the growth, development and future of Hillel Torah, and for their support of our Names, Not Numbers© program.


Linda and Stanley Weissbrot In loving memory of our parents, Fay and Morris Weiss z”l and Riva and Joe Weissbrot z”l. We thank Hillel Torah for promoting the Names, Not Numbers program for its students, thus ensuring the messages of Holocaust Survivors will not be forgotten.


Laurie and Bernard Hasten In honor of our heroic survivors who courageously told their stories to our dedicated eighth grade students.


Sima and Jeff Neiger In memory of our grandparents and Holocaust survivors Jakob Neiger, z”l and Judith Schwarcz, z”l whose bravery and belief enabled them to survive the atrocities of the concentration camps, and to build their families and lives anew in America.

Aviva and Ami Robinson In memory of Doris Goldsmith, of blessed memory.

Adina and David Shyovitz and Family In memory of our family members who perished in the Shoah, and with gratitude to Hillel Torah for this important and inspiring program.


Vivian and Nathan Bloch In honor of the courageous Israeli Soldiers, past and present, whose heroism allows us to confidently say “Never Again.”

Orah and Lev Katz In honor of the Survivors who shared their stories and the 8th graders, who worked together to create this amazing documentary film.

Karen and David Stutz In honor of our granddaughter, Shira Marmor, and her classmates for their dedicated work and devotion to this year’s Names, Not Numbers program. We are very proud of you!

Julie and Nathan Thomas In memory of our grandparents and great-grandparents, Sara and Sonny Hartman z”l, survivors of the Shoah.


Rebecca and Joel Gorenstein In honor of the survivors of the Gorenstein and Kliger families and in memory of those who perished during the Shoah. May their memories be for a blessing.

Aviva and Phil GreenlandIn honor of the faculty, administration, and staff of Hillel Torah for their devotion, creativity, and wisdom in educating our children; and in memory of all those lost in the Shoah.

Aviva and Nathan Lichtenstein In loving memory of our parents: Henry and Mary Lichtenstein & Dr. Nahum and Deborah Zackai.

Devora and Rabbi Menachem LinzerIn honor of all of the Names, Not Numbers Survivors, in honor of Talia and the entire HT graduating class of 5781 – 2021 and in memory of our grandmother, Ruth Linzer’s family (Goldstein) who perished in the Shoah.

Beverly and Bruce Marmor In honor of our grandchildren: Shira, Joey, Abby, and Manny Marmor.

Margo and David Strahlberg In honor of the Survivors who have shared their personal stories with the Hillel Torah community: Mrs. Magda Brown; Mrs. Ruth Gilbert; Mrs. Fran Silverberg; Mr. Ernest Fruehauf; Mrs. Rodi Glass; Mrs. Lillian Zoloto; Mrs. Inga Lieb. Thank you to Mrs. Laurie Pinchot for leading this
important project and to the amazing filmmakers!


Galia and Shay Felemovicius In memory of our family members who perished in the holocaust.

Judy and Norman Litz In memory of our beloved parents Gershon and Bernice Young, z”l and Dr. Bernard and Pauline Litz, z”l.

Judy and Albert Milstein In memory of Sam and Ruth Milstein z”l .

Amy and Howard RosenburgIn honor of Amy’s grandmother Elaine Lefkowitz, who survived the worst of humanity and perseveres as our role model of the best of humanity.

Andrea and Jonathan WeissIn honor of Martin Lowenberg who has taught our family, the Jewish community and the community at large not only about the atrocities of the Holocaust but has inspired us to be the kindest and most loving people we can be.

Debbie & David Well and Family In Memory of our beloved zaidy and grandmother, Nathan & Jean Burzinski. Zaidy survived the horrors of the Holocaust  and, together with Grandma , was able to rebuild a beautiful family steeped in faith and family values.

Dedications from Our Community

We appreciate our community’s support of our Names, Not Numbers© program.


Debra and Robert Hartman In memory of Dvora Nussbaum z”l.


Rodi Glass In memory of my family who perished in the Holocaust.


Vera and Hyman Burstyn In memory of all our family members who perished in the Holocaust and did not get to see this day.


Gina and Artur Fridberg In honor of Mrs. Tamar Friedman.


Lisa and Allan Goldenberg In memory of Martin Korman, z”l, Jean & Morry Korman, z”l, Molly & Menashe Rohtbart, z”l, Markus Rohtbart z”l, and Shirley Rozenberg, who survived the Holocaust and rebuilt their lives.

Karen and Mortin Levy In honor of the Eight Grade students for producing this special program, and their future studies beyond Hillel Torah.

Diane and Norman Linzer In honor of our granddaughter, Talia, on her graduation.

Michael Nussbaum In memory of our Grandparents a’h, Rabbi Dr. Bernard & Eugenie Hamburger.


Robyn and Daniel Ackerman In memory of Andrew Phillips z’l and Rose Phillips z’l who both survived the Holocaust and were founding members of the Illinois Holocaust Museum. May their memories be for a blessing.

Shulamith Cohen In honor of Talia Linzer’s sincere dedication to the project and her graduation.

Rina Fishman and Kalman Krause In honor of Ezra Comrov.

Judy and Rabbi David Weiss In honor of Avital and Amiel Weiss and the efforts they put into this worthwhile project.

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