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Names Not Numbers 2023

Names, Not Numbers®

We are proud of our 8th grade students who interviewed six Holocaust survivors as part of the international Names, Not Numbers® film documentary project. Through these interviews, students interact with survivors, capture their important testimonies, commit them to film, and ensure their messages will never be forgotten. This year’s survivors were Mrs.  Yvonne Aronson, Mr. Eric Blaustein, Mrs. Marion Deichmann, Mrs. Ida Paluch Kersz, Mrs. Eva Ozarowski, and Mrs. Johanna Saper

The 2024 Program was generously sponsored by Edy and Jacob Kupietzky and Family in honor of Mrs. Magda Weisz Hanus and John Hanus z”l whose strength and resilience inspires all; in memory of survivor, Erica Schwartz z”l and the six million lives who perished in the Holocaust, whose stories cannot be told.

We feel blessed to be able to give our students this chance to hear such important history straight from the source.

Dedications from Our Society of Patrons

We thank the members of the Society of Patrons for their commitment to the future of Hillel Torah, and for their support of our Names, Not Numbers® program.


The Rothner Family In memory of Sala and Raizel Garncaz and Ala Gartner, z”l. When friends are like sisters, and sisters are like friends, and you provide each other the courage to fight and the strength to survive.


Marissa and David Iancu In memory of those who perished in the Holocaust and in honor of those who survived.

Linda and Stanley Weissbrot In loving memory of our parents, Fay and Morris Weiss z”l and Riva and Joe Weissbrot z”l. We thank Hillel Torah for promoting the Names, Not Numbers program for its students, thus ensuring the messages of Holocaust Survivors will not be forgotten.


Miriam and Jon Friedman In honor of this year’s 8th grade class for their hard work on this important documentary, and in memory of those who perished in the Shoah. The commitment to “Never Forget” is a critical part of our history and our future – especially right now in the aftermath of the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7th and the hate directed towards Jewish people in Israel and around the world. Thank you to Mrs. Pinchot and Mrs. Hasten for providing our children with this incredible opportunity to help memorialize our history for generations to come. Am Yisrael Chai.

Laurie and Bernard Hasten In honor of our heroic survivors who courageously told their stories to our dedicated eighth grade students and in honor of our brave Israeli soldiers who ensure that we can accurately say “Never Again”.


Vivian and Nathan Bloch In memory of the Kedoshim killed on and after October 7, 2023 –    השם יקום דמם  and in honor of the courageous IDF soldiers who protect and defend the people and land of Israel.

הקדוש ברוך הוא ישמור ויציל את חילינו וישלח ברכה והצלחה בכל מעשי ידיהם

Gayle and Ira Kopin In honor of our survivors who have taught us “never forget”.


Orah and Lev Katz Thank you to Hillel Torah and its teachers, staff, and administration, for providing this special opportunity for our children.

Neeli and Lyle Sudin and Family In memory of the 31st yahrzeit of our grandfather and great grandfather, Eliyahu Yavor.

Julie and Nathan Thomas In memory of Tibor and Sara Hartman, who after experiencing so much darkness and loss, found the strength and emunah to rebuild their lives, and created a beautiful and Torah observant family.


Aviva and Philip Greenland In honor all those lost in the Holocaust and remembering their lives with a promise of never again.

Nora and Matthew Koenig In honor of our Hillel Torah graduates, Dana, Adam, Abigail and Aaron and in memory of their great grandparents, Louis and Vera Mayers, who were survivors.

Leora and Jonathan Stern In honor of our grandmother Fanny Gottlieb and in loving memory of Rabbi Eliezer Gottlieb, Mozes and Helen Stern, Morris and Frances Flatt, Joshua and Rachel Langbort, all of blessed memory. All survivors of the Shoah, whose strength, bravery, heroism, love of Judaism and life dwell within us.


Becca and Bin Dauber In honor of all those who perished in the Holocaust, in honor of Louis Dauber who was fortunate enough to escape and may he live in good health, and in honor of the Hillel Torah students who have invested a lot of time and effort in this program to show generations to come that we must never forget.

Leah and Etan Finkel In memory of all of those who perished in the Holocaust and in honor of those who ensure the continuity of everything they lived and died for.

The Fogel Family In memory of our relatives who perished during the Holocaust as well as those who survived.

Laura Schneiderman and Ben Friedman In memory of Margot Schlesinger. May her strength and courage continue to be an inspiration to her family and klal yisrael.

Anna and Igor Khayet In memory of all those who perished and for the survivors who tell their stories. Now more than ever it’s important for the world to never forget.

Aviva and Nathan Lichtenstein In loving memory of our parents, Henry and Mary Lichtenstein, who survived the Shoah, and our grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who were murdered during the Holocaust.

Julie Avner and Benji Marks In honor of Yishai Nankin, our graduate.

Rachael and Dovie Mauer In honor of our beloved zeide Avraham Yishaya Zoberman z”l. May his memory forever be a blessing.

Michelle and Joshua Prince In memory of our Bubbe Wanda Rotbart, z”l, a Shoah survivor.

Aviva and Ami Robinson and Family In memory of Doris Goldsmith, of blessed memory.

Amy and Howard Rosenburg In honor of Amy’s grandmother EIaine Lefkowitz, who survived the worst of humanity and perseveres as our role model of the best of humanity.

Annie and Jared Rubenstein In honor of the survivors of the Silbernik, Nortman, Raykher, and Gayer families and in the memory of those family members who perished in the Holocaust. Thank you to Hillel Torah for ensuring that we Never Forget.

Sigalle and Joshua Shpayher Dedicated to all who experienced the worst of human-kind, with a special thank you to those who tell their stories, so that we can ensure that we learn from the past, and continue to stand up to hate. Special thank you to Mrs. Eva Ozarowski whose story had a huge impact on Caleb.

Adina and David Shyovitz and Family With gratitude to Hillel Torah for the opportunity to commemorate and learn from the horrors of the Shoah–and admiration for Ari and his classmates for the maturity, sensitivity, and determination with which they have taken on this important project.

Dedications from Our Community

We appreciate our community’s support of our Names, Not Numbers® program.


Debbie and Bob Hartman In honor of Laurie Pinchot.


Pam and Moshe Friedman In honor of our son, Binyamin, for his hard work on “Names, Not Numbers”; and in memory of Uncle Shua Friedman, may his memory be a blessing.

Armin, Hollie, Joshua, Yishai, Ollie, Benji and Hillie Nankin In Memory of Shlomo & Yudi Rainer of Ranana, Israel, first cousins and Holocaust survivors of the Nankin family


The Adler Family – Ann, Rachel, William, Emily, Joey, and Nathan In honor of Emily Adler and in memory of the Kurland and Egdish families.

Rachael and Asher Gelman In honor of our children Emmett, Livia, Evan, and Margot, future leaders and sources of lights, love, and hope for the Jewish people.

Judy and Norm Litz In memory of our dear parents. Dr. Bernard and Pauline Litz z”l, and Gershon and Bernice Young z”l.

Judy and Norm Litz In honor of our grandson, Coby Harris, and the entire 8th grade class, on their participation in this year’s “Names, Not Numbers.”

Miki and Shmuel Schreiber In honor of Laurie Pinchot, Laurie Hasten, and the Hillel Torah 8th grade.


Lisa and Allan Goldenberg In memory of Martin Korman, Morry and Jean Korman, and Menashe and Molly Rohtbar, who survived the Holocaust and rebuilt their lives.

Michael Nussbaum In memory of our grandparents Rabbi Dr. Bernard and Eugenie Hamburger z”l who perished at the hands of the Nazis and in honor of their great granddaughter Laurie Pinchot, who helps to keep their memory alive.

Irving and Michele Zoltan In honor of our grandson, Ari Shyovitz, in recognition of his dedication to the memory of our family members who were lost in the Shoah, and those who survived to rebuild the future of the Jewish people.


Penny Fisher and Heather Sherman In honor of Binyamin Friedman and the entire 8th grade class for their strong effort and deep commitment to ensuring the history of the Holocaust is forever remembered.

Sandy and Keith Kanter In memory of Clair Hahn Cohen, survivor of Nazi Germany.

Devora and Menachem Linzer In honor of Miriam Linzer and her classmates and in memory of our relatives of the Goldstein family who perished in the Shoah.

Mitchell and Dara Steinberg and Family In honor of Mr. Eric Blaustein. Thank you.

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