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21st Century Learning

At Hillel Torah, we pride ourselves on retaining our high academic standards. We promote a curriculum rich in 21st century learning that promotes collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. We are committed to preparing our students to learn, grow and thrive in the educational challenges of today’s world.

Social-Emotional Learning

We understand the need for a strong focus on both the social and emotional development of our students and have incorporated cutting-edge techniques like Responsive Classroom and Calm Classroom. Our dynamic and nurturing teachers transform their classrooms into communities and learning spaces that are responsive to each child’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs. We also encourage and practice mindfulness to teach students to manage stress and develop self awareness, mental focus and inner calm. These programs have empowered our students to feel confident and focused in and outside the classroom.

Israel Education

The love and pride Hillel Torah shares for Israel is palpable throughout our building every day. Our leading Judaic program is anchored in our nationally recognized Ivrit b’Ivrit (Hebrew language immersion) program taught by our staff of Israeli morim shlichim and b’not sherut who bring an authentic taste of Torat Yisrael, Hebrew language and culture to our students and families We live, love and learn about Israel every day.

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