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Partner with us to make a difference through our 2023-2024 Annual Campaign!

Our Hillel Torah family continues to grow and thrive due to the partnership of our generous community of parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty and friends. A gift to our Annual Campaign provides a meaningful and direct impact on the lives of Jewish children in our community. Your partnership will help us strengthen our heritage promoting Torah values and our lifelong commitment to Medinat Yisrael.

The Annual Campaign gifts of support are an essential component in providing the necessary resources to never deny a child a Jewish Day School education for financial reasons. Your generosity enables us to honor our school’s mission to provide our students with academic excellence and prepare the Jewish leaders of tomorrow.

Society of Patrons

Our Society of Patrons members are forward-thinkers, who have been instrumental in the growth and development of Hillel Torah. Participation at these advanced levels of giving supports our efforts to sustain the quality education our students deserve.

*Please contact the Development office at 847-674-6533 for information on Society of Patrons giving levels.

Additional Levels of Giving

Hillel Torah greatly appreciates all donations to our Annual Campaign. Your participation helps ensure that our students continue receiving the highest quality education.  All gifts are acknowledged in our Annual Report.

Sustainer of Torah
$2,500 and above

Guardian of Torah
$1,800 and above

Supporter of Torah
$1,000 and above

$750 and above

$500 and above

$360 and above

$180 and above

$90 and above

Friends of Hillel Torah
Up to $90

We thank the members of our 2023-2024 Society of Patrons

Spirit of Torah
$50,000 and above

  • Jennie and Avi Rothner

Essence of Torah
$36,000 and above

  • Keryn and David Schreiber

Champion of Torah
$25,000 and above

  • Barnett Family
  • Dani and Lior Geft
  • Barbara and George Hanus
  • Marissa and David Iancu
  • Linda and Stan Weissbrot

Benefactor of Torah
$18,000 and above

  • Miriam and Jonathan Friedman
  • Laurie and Bernard Hasten
  • Edy and Jacob Kupietzky
  • Debra and Ira Ronsenberg
  • Leslie and Tom Silverstein

Advocate of Torah
$12,000 and above

  • Bernice Novick
  • Darel Cohen and Daniel Salvadori
  • Rifka and Daniel Weiss
  • Itamir & Avichai Zuckerman

Crown of Torah
$9,000 and above

  • Beth and Brad Alter
  • Vivian and Nathan Bloch
  • Barbara and Steve Geller
  • Alexander Gutfraind
  • Gayle and Ira Kopin
  • Arlene and Moshe Kupietzky
  • Shirley Lanoff
  • Tanya and Chaim Lubin
  • Pogrund Family Foundation
  • Rhonda and Alan Zahtz

Pillar of Torah
$7,200 and above

  • Orah and Lev Katz
  • Neeli and Lyle Sudin
  • Julie and Nathan Thomas

Builder of Torah
$5,400 and above

  • Lynn and Alfred Altschul
  • Rebecca and Roni Cohen
  • Aviva and Philip Greenland
  • Nora and Matthew Koenig
  • Julia & Yosef Lifshits
  • Alison and Alan Molotsky
  • Aviva and Etai Sooliman
  • Leora and Jonathan Stern
  • Margo and David Strahlberg
  • Chellie and Jacob Wilensky

Ambassador of Torah
$3,600 and above

  • Andrea and Raanan Alter
  • Rachel and Jordan Amrani
  • Elana Blivaiss and Hyim Baronofsky
  • Gail and Craig Darlow
  • Becca and Bin Dauber
  • Debbie and Daniel Eisenstein
  • Leah and Etan Finkel
  • Naomi and Jeremy Fogel
  • Laura Schneiderman and Benjamin Friedman
  • Zahavah & Yisrael Friedman
  • Yehudit and Aaron Gavant
  • Gail and Steven Goldberg
  • Laura and Jeremy Goltz
  • Alla Denenberg and Pavel Gurevich
  • Rena and Tzvi Harris
  • Anna and Igor Khayet
  • Dani and Eddie Krule
  • Mazel and Deege Levin
  • Aviva and Nathan Lichtenstein
  • Julie Avner and Benjamin Marks
  • Rachael and Dovie Mauer
  • Judy and Albert Milstein
  • Elyse and Steven Nagel
  • Michelle and Joshua Prince
  • Aviva & Ami Robinson
  • Jenni Richton and Eliyahu Rosen
  • Amy Spar and Howard Rosenburg
  • Annie and Jared Rubenstein
  • Sigalle and Joshua Shpayher
  • Adina and David Shyovitz
  • Elizabeth Shelton and Paul Towb
  • Debbie and David Well
  • Isabella and Ira Wiznitzer

Annual Report

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