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Looking for additional ways to support Hillel Torah throughout the year? Please contact Ed Plotkin or Morrine Sweer for more information on giving to any of these very special programs.

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Eitz Chaim / Tree of Life

The Eitz Chaim Tree of Life, donated by Barbara and George Hanus, welcomes you to Hillel Torah’s entranceway. Your dedication to this memorial wall is a beautiful way to honor a special event or commemorate a loved one.

  • Engraved leaf – $250
  • Engraved base – $2,500
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Names, Not Numbers ©

We are so proud of our 8th grade students who interviewed six Holocaust survivors this year as part of the international Names, Not Numbers © film documentary project. Through these interviews, students are given the opportunity to interact with survivors, capture their important testimonies, commit them to film, and ensure their messages will never be forgotten. This year’s survivors included Mrs. Miriam Banker, Mrs. Sheila Gerber, Mr. Abe Rosenblum, Mr. Henry Straus, z”l, Mrs. Judy Straus and Mrs. Eva Zaret.

Our ninth annual screening was a moving and incredibly meaningful event, and we feel so blessed to give our students this chance to hear such important history straight from the source.

Dedications from Our Society of Patrons

We thank the members of the Society of Patrons for their involvement in the growth, development and future of Hillel Torah, and for their support of our Names, Not Numbers© program.


Rothner Family dedicated in memory of Sala Kirschner, z”l.


Barbara & George Hanus in honor of our wonderful grandchildren, Kayla and Joshua Kupietzky and their 8th grade classmates of 2019 for their extraordinary work on the Names, Not Numbers© project; in memory of those who suffered and perished in the Holocaust; and in commemoration of the Holocaust survivors and their extended families; And in celebration of the students of Hillel Torah North Suburban Day School, as being the victorious successors of continuing the uninterrupted eternal flame of Yiddishkeit and Torah education.

Linda & Stanley Weissbrot in loving memory of our parents, Fay and Morris Weiss, z”l and Riva and Joe Weissbrot, z”l. We thank Hillel Torah for promoting the Names, Not Numbers© program for its students, thus ensuring the messages of Holocaust survivors will not be forgotten.


Laurie & Bernard Hasten in honor of our heroic survivors who courageously told their stories to our dedicated 8th grade students.

Edy & Jacob Kupietzky in loving memory of the Weisz, Lebovich and Herskovitz family members who perished in the Holocaust. May their memory be a blessing. In honor of our Nanny, Mrs. Magda Hanus, and her sister Mrs. Erica Schwartz, whose resilience, courage and bravery continue to inspire us every day.

Shirley Lanoff in memory of Dr. Samuel Schimel, z”l, a Holocaust Survivor who was interviewed by Hillel Torah’s students in 2017. He always talked about how much he enjoyed this experience and for the opportunity to tell his stories about the Holocaust.

Leslie & Tom Silverstein in loving memory of Marilyn Ross, z”l.


Robbie & Scott Fretzin and Family Congratulations to the Hillel Torah 8th grade class of 2019 and to the survivors for their incredible filming of this year’s Names, Not Numbers: A Movie in the Making.

Aviva & Ami Robinson in memory of Fred and Doris Goldsmith, z”l.

Ronni and Elliot Robinson Dedicated to our parents – Sheldon z”l and Freda Robinson, and Sol z”l and Roslyn Noble.


Arlene & Moshe Kupietzky in honor of Kayla, Joshua and Zachary Kupietzky.


Orah & Maury Aaron We are very impressed with Hillel Torah’s Names, Not Numbers© program, and the way it allows their students to communicate with Holocaust survivors to tell their stories and make sure they are not forgotten.

Orah & Lev Katz in honor of this year’s interviewees for sharing their stories with the next generation.

Koenig Family in memory of our family members who lost their lives in the Shoah.

The Linzer Family in memory of our family members killed in the Shoah: Members of the Bergstein family and Beirish and Devorah Mahtel Goldstein and family. יהי זכרם ברוך


Vivian & Nathan Bloch in honor of the courageous Israeli soldiers, past and present, whose heroism allows us to confidently say “Never Again.”

Judy & Michael Daniels in memory of those who perished from Predcz, Poland.

Joel & Rebecca Gorenstein in honor of the survivors of the Gorenstein and Kliger families and in memory of those who perished during the Shoah. May their memories be for a blessing.

Aviva & Nathan Lichtenstein in tribute to their parents and in memory of the Lichtenstein, Majerowicz and Goldsmith families who perished in the Shoah.

Judy & Norman Litz in memory of our beloved parents Gershon and Bernice Young, z”l and Dr. Bernard and Pauline Litz, z”l.

Judy & Albert Milstein in honor of Laurie Hasten and Laurie Pinchot.

Dvora & Michael Nussbaum in memory of our grandparents: Rabbi Dr. Bernard and Eugenie Hamburger, z”l who perished in Auschwitz and Majdanek.

Amy & Howard Rosenburg in honor of Cara Rosenburg and the Hillel Torah Class of 2019, and in honor of Cara’s great-grandmother Elaine Lefkowitz, who survived the worst of humanity and perseveres as our role model of the best of humanity.

Daniel Salvadori & Darel Cohen Dedicated to the ilui neshama of Michael Stefano Taché, H’ Yinkom Damo  (a 2-year-old boy who was killed in a terrorist attack at the Synagogue of Rome on Shmini Atzeret in 1982).

Margo & David Strahlberg in honor of the survivors who have shared their personal stories with the Hillel Torah community: Mrs. Miriam Banker, Mrs. Sheila Gerber, Mr. Abe Rosenblum, Mr. Henry Straus, Mrs. Judy Straus, and Mrs. Eva Zaret.

Debbie, David, Eli, Daniella, Kayla & Judah Well in loving memory of “Zaidy,” Nathan Burzinski and his entire family that perished in the Holocaust. We miss you every day. Love forever and ever.

Andrea & Jonathan Weiss in honor of Martin Lowenberg who has taught our family, the Jewish community and the community at large not only about the atrocities of the Holocaust but has inspired us to be the kindest and most loving people we can be.

Dedications from Our Community

We appreciate our community’s support of our Names, Not Numbers© program.


Ari & Lanie Kellman in honor of the Class of 2019 and with thanks to Hillel Torah for giving our students this opportunity.


Jeffrey Bernstein in honor of Father Patrick Desbois, who has endeavored to research and document the “Holocaust by Bullets,” combat anti-Semitism, and foster relations between Catholics and Jews.


Bubbie Hilda Braun in honor of my beautiful granddaughter, Kinneret, daughter of Howie and Pam Braun, engaged to Alex, son of Rabbi Dovid and Bonnie Kupchik.

Eris & Sean Katz and Family in memory of Hadassah Fine, Hadassah bat Michael, z”l in commemoration of her first Yahrtzeit and in memory of her family that perished in the Holocaust.

Nesher Family in memory of Sid, Gitla, Moshe and Loisa Miller.


Zenia & Jeffrey Cohen in honor of Maayan Kellman – her great work, dedication, sensitivity and deep understanding. Love Saba and Savta.

Lisa & Allan Goldenberg in memory of Lisa’s father, Martin Korman, z”l and grandparents, Morry & Jean Korman and Menashe & Molly Rohtbart, z”l, who survived the Holocaust and began their lives again in the United States.

Wendy & Glen Miller in honor of Laurie Hasten: With admiration and best wishes, we honor her continued dedication to “Names, Not Numbers,” a very important and worthy project.


Batia & Arnold Clevs in honor and appreciation of Mrs. Sheila Gerber for sharing her stories of the Holocaust with Hillel Torah’s students so they will never be forgotten.

Ilene, Mitch, Jason, Eliana & Matan Cutler in memory of Myrtle and David Figman, z”l, our parents and grandparents, who worked tirelessly to teach the lessons of the Holocaust to the younger generations.

Deborah & Aaron Dworin in memory of Dina Dworin, z”l, and all the Jews who perished in the Holocaust.

Alla & Pinhas Gurevich in memory of their grandparents.

Ellie & Steve Katz in memory of Berthold, Ida, and Ernst Katz, z”l.

Gayle & Ira Kopin in honor of the survivors who continue to inspire us with their courage.

Mindy & Rabbi Yona Reiss in memory of Shmuel Schwarcz, z”l.

Shelley & Art Spar in honor of Elaine Lefkowitz, great grandmother of Cara, Ben and Abraham Rosenburg.

We are very proud to be a part of this unique Holocaust oral history film project program documenting the survivor’s stories. This very special opportunity allows our students to ensure that the message of the Holocaust will forever be remembered.

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Shirlee Lennon Computer Learning Lab

Technology has always played a vital role in our student’s education. Your donation to our learning lab will directly benefit our students to help keep our computer labs on the cutting-edge. A donor appreciation plaque will be displayed on all gifts.

  • $480 – provides a student with a new Chrome Book
  • $2,500 – furnishes a classroom with a new Smart Board (digital interactive whiteboard)
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John Hanus Library of General Studies

Maintaining a robust library with interactive programming allows our students to continue their love of reading and learning. Your donations will help ensure that the learning materials, books, and library programs for our students are kept cataloged and updated. Donations of $250 and above will be acknowledged on our library plaque.

Children reading in librart

Philip Newberger Memorial Library of Judaica

Hillel Torah is proud to maintain a library of Judaica and Hebrew books. Donations will help ensure that our shelves are stacked with the writings of our most noted Rabbis and Scholars. Donations of $360 and above will be acknowledged on the library plaque.

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Harold and Marilyn Allswang Fine Arts Center

Donations to the Harold and Marilyn Allswang Fine Arts Center allow our students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and appreciation of the fine arts outside of the classroom by attending concerts and plays, followed by a formatted discussion of the event.

  • $360 – transportation cost to attend plays offered by the Village of Skokie
  • $720 – transportation and admission fee to plays and concerts

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