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A Note from the Director of Student Services

The Student Services department is here to ensure that all of our students are provided with a strong foundation and the necessary skills to achieve success in school and beyond. We look forward to partnering with you in the growth and development of our students.

Our nurturing team of professionals is committed to identifying the individual needs of each student and providing the students with the instruction and support they require in all areas of academic, organizational, social or emotional growth. Through our regular assessments in grades K-8, both formal and informal, teachers and Student Services staff work in partnership to identify and provide remediation and enrichment support to those who qualify. We promote collaboration and continuously work to improve the services we provide for your child.

Students requiring academic support receive the focused instruction they need through varying levels of assistance, ranging from modifications and accommodations in the regular classroom to assistance from our resource professionals. Students with social or emotional needs are encouraged to participate in organized social groups, as well as receive individual support from our School Social Worker. We also partner with REACH to promote the academic and social/emotional success of every child.

It is our goal to provide the best learning environment possible and to service the community by meeting the needs of all our students. We believe in a collaborative approach where students, teachers, student services staff and parents are all working together. Your feedback is an important component to us all achieving our goal of successful, confident students. We encourage you to reach out to us at any time with questions or concerns about your student’s educational, emotional and social experience at Hillel Torah.


Rabbi Aron Wolgel
Director of Student Services
a[email protected]
847-674-6533 x 208

We take pride in our credentialed and licensed resource teachers who provide children with the instruction and support they need, in academic, organizational, social or emotional growth areas.

Children are supported in all academic subjects, including both general and Judaic studies. Our special education teachers use engaging research-based interventions and regularly progress monitor their students to ensure that every child is actively involved and progressing towards goals.

Our resource teachers provide warm and interactive direct service to qualifying students in all academic areas and serve as case managers to coordinate classroom accommodations with outside professionals and classroom teachers.

Children reading in librart


English Language Learners (children for whom English is a second language) receive targeted support to help build their English speaking, reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills.

Middle School Study Hall

Children in the middle school, who qualify, may be eligible to participate in our supportive middle school study hall. In the place of one class, students will instead work with a resource teacher to build their core academic skills and to provide support in their other classes.


Classroom teachers are trained in differentiating instruction to meet every child at their level and challenge them to progress to the next stage.

In addition to classroom differentiation, children who qualify are invited to participate in a rigorous math enrichment program. Students in the math enrichment program meet regularly with a math instructor and participate in creative activities to challenge their math critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Social Work

Our licensed School Social Worker meets with children individually, as well in small groups. She coordinates Wellness Workshops and safety initiatives for all the children at Hillel Torah. Our prevention education includes:

  • Safety Kid
  • Digital Awareness
  • Family Life, Abuse Prevention
  • Stress Management
  • The Incredible, Flexible You

Referrals for Evaluations & Therapies

When it is determined that a child needs a comprehensive educational evaluation and/or outside therapies, the student services staff works with the family to refer them to the appropriate outside resources. Families at Hillel Torah who qualify may access a REACH grant through the Jewish Federation for subsidized academic evaluations.

Title 1

Children residing in Chicago may be eligible to participate in an after-school Title 1 program or Title 1 academic counseling services during the school day. Children participating in these programs receive additional academic support for reading, math, and executive functioning skills. We can help you determine if your child qualifies for any Title 1 assistance.

OT Consultations & Screenings

A licensed Occupational Therapist comes to Hillel Torah weekly to consult with classroom teachers, screen students and to provide direct support to children who may need help in this area. Children are supported in their fine-motor, writing and classroom functioning skills. If you have a specific concern in this area, we would be happy to pass it along to the Occupational Therapist.

Speech Therapy & Screenings

Every year, Northwestern University graduate students screen all students for speech in nursery, kindergarten and first grade and by referral for pre-nursery, second and third grades.

Children who qualify may be able to access speech therapy services through Niles Township District for Special Education. If your child qualifies, we will help you navigate the appropriate channels to obtain speech therapy from the Township.

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