Library_copyThe Hillel Torah Library is made up of two collections, the Philip A. Newberger Memorial Library of Judaica and the John Hanus Library of General Studies, totaling over 22,000 volumes.  Students, staff, and parents are encouraged to make use of our resources, including books in both English and Hebrew.

Kindergarten through the fourth grade classes, visit the library weekly.  Here, they have the opportunity to develop a love for, and appreciation of children’s literature. Our library program provides a sequence for children to learn library and information skills. These skills and concepts build on each other in a hierarchical way. Each skill is a foundation for the learning of additional and more difficult skills. These skills are developed from readiness through advanced levels. Mastering these skills enable a child to function in any library.

Middle school students can choose from a variety of novels or nonfiction materials for reports and can also check out Hebrew books to enhance their Hebrew language proficiency. 

The Hillel Torah library depends on donations to maintain and upgrade our collection.  These donations allow us to purchase books to be used as centerpieces at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, or to be dedicated in honor of your child’s birthday.  Books may also be plated for a minimum of $18.00, and donation cards are available for $5.00 each for occasions, such as smachot or memorials.  Click here for donation opportunities.

Upcoming Events


12: 7th Gr Girls Bnot Mitzvah Leil Limud at 6:45 pm at HT

16-19: Presidents' Day Weekend - No Sessions

19: PTA Winter Social at 1:15 pm at Weber Park Place

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