Judaic Studies

DSCF7995-0001Primary School Judaic Studies Department

As part of educating the whole child, we strive to develop in our students understanding, commitment, love and pride in their Jewish identity and their connection to our heritage, to the State of Israel and to the Jewish people. Throughout their Judaic and Hebrew studies we provide children with opportunities to become inquisitive and creative thinkers and to develop their critical thinking skills. Along with that, we aspire to instill in them an excitement for learning, and an enthusiasm for the pursuit of Torah study and the observance of mitzvot and love of Hashem and his creation. Recognizing that each child is unique, we provide the individual attention that builds on each student’s strengths and supports each student’s learning style and needs.

Hebrew Language Acquisition

We present a spiral curriculum that builds a solid foundation of Hebrew language skills. We use an Ivrit B’Ivrit approach and teach Hebrew as a Heritage language. We have been in the forefront of new curricula and of understanding of how a child acquires and develops a new language. We have successfully piloted the Tal Am program as an innovative Ivrit language arts program in the primary grades.

Torah Studies

Our curriculum is text based. In all our Judaic studies subject classes - Tefila, Torah, Nevi’im, Halacha, Mishna, Talmud, and Jewish Thought students use original texts and commentary and embrace Torah Sh’B’Chtav and Torah Sh’B’al Peh. In our Mishna and Talmud studies we have piloted and implemented the emerging Bonayich curriculum. It is based on the deep understanding and mastery of the Revadim system- understanding the Talmudic text through discovery of historic layers of various periods in the development of the Talmud, and how each layer is woven together to create a tapestry of Torah Sh’B’al Peh. In addition, this produces graduates who are fluent in Hebrew, proficient in Jewish source texts and who reach a level of comprehension that allows them to become independent Bnei and Bnot Torah learners.

Middot & Chesed

We create a hands-on experiential environment where children learn about Jewish values and customs through demonstration, study, discussion and practice. Through our Limudei Kodesh, we emphasize character education and middot development, encouraging children to think about the moral value of their actions towards continuous improvement. We provide opportunities for community service, activism and involvement, tzedaka campaigns, and projects to support and connect with the Jewish community here and in Israel. Throughout all our studies, we foster an atmosphere of respect, sharing and caring for one another in the true spirit of V’Ahavta L’Re’acha Kamocha.

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12: 7th Gr Girls Bnot Mitzvah Leil Limud at 6:45 pm at HT

16-19: Presidents' Day Weekend - No Sessions

19: PTA Winter Social at 1:15 pm at Weber Park Place

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