Another Year of Chidon Success

post by Hillel Torah | Jun 01, 2019

[Chicago Jewish Home]

MAY 30, 2019 – In early May, 250 students qualified nationwide (out of 600+) to travel to New York to take their shot at the National Chidon HaTanach finals.15 out of 24 of our 7th and 8th grade Chidon participants represented Hillel Torah at the competition. Yishar Koach to the four students who placed in the top tier nationally:

  • 5th Place – Daniel Gurevich (8th)
  • 6th Place – Rena Neiger (7th)
  • 11th Place – Gabriel Klein (7th)
  • 15th Place – Ari Klein (7th)

All our Chidon students did remarkably well and we are so proud of them! A special hakarat hatov to our Chidon teacher/coach Rav Asido for all his efforts in leading and inspiring our students for this prestigious event.