Chesed Is Part of Our Everyday

post by Hillel Torah | Sep 19, 2019

The Emuna Shir Weiss z”l Chesed Program at Hillel Torah provides unique opportunities for students of all ages. Partnering with organizations around Chicago, including the ARK, Keshet, Junior Yachad, and many more, students can experience different ways to give to others. We learn that donating money is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to charity, and donating our time, our energy, our voices, and our hearts can be even more powerful.

Our 8th grade students participate in monthly chesed trips, bringing them in contact with a variety of services. In addition to helping at the Maot Chitim warehouse, our students organize the food pantry at the ARK, sort clothing and supplies with the Chicago Chesed Fund, and get to know students their own age in the Keshet program.

With the wide range of chesed opportunities the students experience, they learn that giving comes in many forms and all students are encouraged to find what type of chesed is meaningful to them.